Heritage Pewter Drinkware

Heritage Pewter Drinkware
    Choose 16 oz. pint glass or 14 oz. double old fashioned. The oval shaped emblem is made from heritage pewter which is a unique fine pewter alloy containing silver. This "silver pewter" provides a bright, luxurious finish and will retain its rich luster for generations. Not shown: The back side of the emblem is stamped with text, "H.L. Hunley Submarine was designed and built in Mobile, AL. Operated by an 8-man crew, it was the first sub to sink an enemy ship, USS Housatonic, in 1864 off the coast of Charleston, SC." which can be seen on the interior of the glass. Either of these would be the ultimate vessel for your favorite beverage. Dishwasher safe! Made in USA!

    16 oz.
    14 oz.